Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scout and Bandit go to a party

Today was a romping party at Tails of Success.

Me and Scout got to go to a party today for Tails of Success. They are celebrating their new big, giant dog school, so Mommy went so she can write about it on the blog. But dogs can also go there to romp with their friends!

Today was a romping party. There was a table with lots of treats, but you should know that it was not a buffet. You were supposed to wait til your mommy gave you a treat. Even if you already had your head in the biscuit basket and picked out a few for yourself, you couldn't eat them til your mommy said it was OK.

Scout doesn't like romping parties too much. He sniffed a few butts but it was too noisy and busy. He doesn't like it at our regular romping place either. I sniffed some butts today, too, but I was more interested in all of the food. It's a good place to go romp with your friends. They have lots of room to run and happy people who work there.

Mommy needs to learn how to take pictures faster.

We didn't stay for a long time because Scout wanted to GO! RIGHT! NOW! and I was messing up all of the tables, but I had lots of fun. And we got to take home some tasty cupcake treats from A Barker's Dozen. We ate them in the car.

Then me and Scout went home and wrestled for a while, and then I barked for a while for no reason. It was a good day.


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