Friday, October 29, 2010

The dogmobile gets unscreeched

Last week, after the car fixer man inspected the dogmobile, it started to screech.

First, it went scrrreeeeech whenever Mommy turned it on. Then it stoppd when she drove.

Then it went scrrreeeech when Mommy turned it on and scrrreeeeech when she drove it down the street, and then it stopped when she drove.

Then it swent SCRRREEECH when Mommy turned it on and scrrrreeeech all the time when she drove.

And this week it went SCRRRREEEECH all the time. When she turned it on. When she drove. It was so loud that when we drove to the canal, everyone was looking at the scrreeeechy dogmobile.

Everyone said that the dogmobile probably had a loose belt but that its pant wouldn't fall down so don't worry.

Yesterday, the dogmobile was SCRRREEEEEECHing so loud that Mommy drove to see her regular car fixer man, Jim, and said, "Can you ask my dogmobile why it's SCRRREEEEEECHing like that?"

So Pete, who works on lots of dogmobiles, took ours for a ride around the street. Mommy and everyone in the car fixer place started laughing because they could hear it going SCRRREEEECH the whole time.

Then Pete said that she had a belt that was about to break. So Pete fixed the belt and changed the oil, and he gave our dogmobile a check up, even though Mommy didn't ask him to do that. Jim said Pete likes to work on dogmobiles and he is something called "meticulous." (I hope that doesn't mean he has ticks, too.) He checked the tires and the brakes and the engine and some other stuff. I guess he really likes dogmobiles!

Anyway, Pete said our dogmobile is rusty underneath but other than the grumbly muffler, it looks super A-OK. Two paws up, Pete!

So now we have a quiet dogmobile and its pants won't fall down because of a loose belt.

The only problem today is that it's raining outside so there's no place for us pups to go. Boo on the rain. That means we'll have to take a nap today. But I guess that also means I probably won't get any more ticks. So that's good.


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