Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We make some new pals

Mommy took me and Scout for a walk on the canal. It was nice. God painted the leaves all pretty and the sun came out to play.

Plus, me and Scout made some new friends! Two dogs named Kelly and Buddy were walking with their mommies so we stopped to say howdy.

Buddy and Kelly were not on leashes. No fair. My leash got tangled on someone's legs, so Mommy let go. Yay! I was free!

I chased Buddy. Then Buddy chased me. Then me and Buddy played wild maniac dogs and went for a super fantastic run. First we ran around our mommies. Then we ran into someone's yard and disappeared.

Bye, Mommy!

Our mommies called our names but we just kept running. And then .... surprise! We came running from the other side of the house as fast as the wind, right back to our mommies!

It was great.

We said goodbye to our new pals. Scout didn't want to walk any more so we went and got drinks from the dog fountain and came home.

We did not have to have nap time today. Yay!


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