Monday, October 18, 2010

Yay!! The dogmobile is back!

Look how happy Scout is in the dogmobile!

YAY! YAY! YAY! The dogmobile is back!!

Mommy and Daddy picked up the dogmobile on Saturday so yesterday Mommy took me and Scout for adventures.

First, we went to Nana's house to visit her and our cousin Lily while Grandpa Art went to the casino to win big money and try to forget about the dogmobile.

We only went into the house for a few seconds but I jumped on some stuff and smelled a lot of good things I'm going to eat next time I go back. Then we went outside. Lily is a little dog like Goliath. We didn't play much with her because me and Scout had a lot of work to do, peeing on everything in the yard so Lily will remember us when we're not there. Next time maybe she'll want to play wild maniac dogs.

Then when we were done we went to Grandma's and played with Dali. The big tree in Grandma's yard fell down and her house looks naked now. Poor Grandma. Me and Scout kept getting our leashes all tangled up in Dali's leash. I also went to visit the neighbors for a while.

Then Mommy said, Enough adventures! And we went home.

The dogmobile is a lot more fun for us dogs than Mommy's car. Scout has his own compartment way in the back so he can look out the window and wave to everyone. I get the whole giant navigator's seat so I can help Mommy drive.

The best news is that the dogmobile did not make any clunks.

Yay for Grandpa Art! Yay for the dogmobile! Yay for adventures!

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