Sunday, October 24, 2010

We have a dogmobile adventure

That's me helping the roofing guy. Get back to work, roofing guy!

Me and Scout had another adventure with Mommy today in our super fun dogmobile. Yay!

First we went to Country Max to get chicken food. Me and Scout had to wait in the car while Mommy went in and paid. But when the guy came out to put the bag in the Jeep, I jumped out and went for a tour of the warehouse. Mommy kept saying, "Come on Bandit! We're going to Timmy's for a donut!" But first I had to make sure there wasn't anything tasty at Country Max.

Then we went to Tims and got come coffee and Tim Bits and a donut for Daddy. We have lots and lots of room in the dogmobile. It's the greatest dogmobile ever.

We went home and jumped out of the dogmobile and went to visit Brigitte for a minute because we are bad dogs. Then we went home and played for a while.

There is a lot of noise in the backyard today, which is why
Scout is too scared to play outside too much.

Except Scout is afraid of the roofing guys machine that goes BRRRRRRRRR and he went inside to hide. So this is what we do:

Scout goes in and I stay outside. Then I miss him so I bark to come in. Then I get bored so I bark to go out. Then Scout misses me so he barks to go out. Then he gets scared and barks to go in. And then we start all over.

Daddy is here today watching the roofing guys so Mommy says we should go outside and leave her alone. Haha, Mommy, you're so funny!


PS: So guess what? The roof fixer guys had some work for Daddy to do, and me and Scout found A LOT to bark at. Yay! Everyone was happy! Except Mommy, who said, "Can't you dumb dogs shut up for once so I can take a nap?" Hahaha, Mommy! No naps for you!

Can you see Daddy way up on the roof? Don't fall off, Daddy!

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