Friday, October 22, 2010

It's been a stinky week

Mommy is not a happy mommy this week. On Monday, she got the dogmobile back and it was GREAT. But on Tuesday, Daddy had to take the dogmobile to get inspected by the dogmobile inspection tester.

And the dogmobile did not pass the inspection test.

Boo on that.

It had stinky tires and a stinky hole somewhere making a stinky computer say that the dogmobile could not pass the test. So every day this week, Mommy has had to drive the dogmobile around to see if it would change its mind and turn off the computer thingy. And then she had to go back to have the tester test it. Today the car fixer man fixed something to see if that would help. But it didn't.

On one of her trips, Mommy took me for a ride. I got to see the car fixer place and pee on the mailboxes on his street. And then when we got home, I jumped out of the car and went over to see Sasha and Steeley at their house but they weren't home.

Except Mommy didn't know where I was so she had to go around the street and see if she could find me. One of the neighbors ratted me out and yelled out their window that I was at Sasha's house. Mommy was not happy at me.

Anyway, it has been a stinky week. Me and Scout have been left all alone way too much. But tomorrow will  be exciting because the roofing men are coming at 7 AM! Yay! That means all of our friends will be up that early Saturday morning, too!!


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nana said...

I am so sorry you are having so many problems with the dogmobile. I really didn't know it was such a sick mobile. Love

Bandit said...

It's all better! The stupid car fixer man made it fortyleven millions times more stressful for Mommy. But it's all done and we had a nice adventure on the canal today. Yay!!!