Monday, October 25, 2010

All good fun ends with a bath

After dinner, me and Scout and Mommy went outside and played flashlight soccer in the dark. It was great! We ran around in the rain and mud and leaves and had ourselves some good fun.

Then Mommy made me and Scout get baths. That was not great.

Boo on baths.

We didn't get whole baths, which was good. We got our paws washed. Well, actually, we got our butts, bellies, and paws washed so it was a bottom half bath. But we still hated it.

But I got back at Mommy. First I got my paws washed and then while Scout was getting his paws washed, I went on Mommy's bed and walked all over her piles of clean clothes with my wet feet and then I undid all of the blankets on the bed and rolled on her sheets.

She was not happy with me. It was great!

Mommy, why does all the good fun have to end with a bath?

Bandit, your stinky puppy

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nancy said...

Dear Bandit,

Thank you for the wonderful ideas on how to torture Moms.


nana said...

Don't know how your Mommy puts up with you Bandit. My Mommy would never let me play in the rain and to tell the truth I am really quick doing my business when it's raining Love cousin Lily

Bandit said...

Lily, Scout doesn't like the rain either. But we both like mud!

Fezzik, I have LOTS of ways to drive your mommy crazy!! I should write a book.