Friday, October 8, 2010

The dogmobile goes CLUNK!

Uh oh. Mommy was driving the dogmobile this week and it went clunk. Then it went clunk again, and then it stopped moving. On the expressway.

Boo. The dogmobile broke down and the tow truck man had to come and pick it up and take it to Grandpa Art's house.

But yay!! Grandpa Art and Dale the car fixer man found the problem! Grandpa Art is going to fix it and make it all unclunky and then we can have more adventures. Daddy said someone must have prayed for our dogmobile because it's not as bad as Dale the car fixer man first thought or as expensive. Me and Scout know it was Grandma praying.

Me and Scout didn't even get to have an adventure in the dogmobile yet so we are excited to get it fixed. Not a big adventure anyway. We got to romp around inside the dogmobile while it was in the driveway. And on the rainy day, Mommy put us in the car and drove us around the block. But that's it. We didn't get to go to Grandma's and show her the new dogmobile or let Dali ride in it.

But that's going to change soon!!

Yay for Grandpa Art! Yay for adventures!


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