Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bandit gets a tick

Well, like I told you before, no good fun goes unpunished.

Today Mommy was giving me love snuggles and she felt a giant bump on the side of my neck. First she thought it was some junk stuck in my fur. Then she thought it was some icky thing growing out of my neck.

So she took me to see Dr. B. And he said, "It's a tick."

Ick! A tick!

A tick is an icky bug that jumps onto you when you are out romping in the woods because it wants to suck out all of your blood. Mommy thinks my tick jumped on me yesterday when we were out at the canal because it wasn't there yesterday morning and Dr. B said it was a fat tick with about a day's worth of blood in it.

This is how you get rid of a tick.

First, Dr. B holds your hold body really tight and he holds your head so the only thing you can move are your eyeballs.

Then Mommy takes a picture of the tick using her cell phone.

Then the helper uses her big pinchers to try and grab the tick. While they are doing that, your mommy says, "It's OK, puppy, you're being a good boy!"

Except you are not being a good boy, because first, you are wiggling to get loose, and second, you are thinking about how you can get all of those biscuits out of the jar on the counter when Dr. B lets you go.

I would show you what my tick looks like except the picture didn't get saved. But trust me. It was a big, fat one.

Anyway, Dr. B says that in six months, when I have my test to see if there are worms in my heart, they will do another test to see if I have Lyme's in my blood.

When we got home, Mommy went right upstairs and took all of the blankets and sheets off the bed and is washing them because she said she is grossed out. She also felt Scout all over his body to see if he had any ticks. He doesn't have any ticks (or tocks either). Then she gave us our flea and heartworm medicine, which we were supposed to get last week.

So that was my day. I got unticked and had a bunch of biscuits at Dr Bs.


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