Monday, November 15, 2010

Scout ouched his hip today

This is my brother Scout. He ouched his hip
when he slipped on the wet leaves.

My poor puppy brother Scout got ouched today. We were running around the yard playing catch with Mommy and Scout slid on the wet leaves on the driveway. Then he started chewing on his leg and his tail, and chewing and chewing and saying, "Mommy! Help! Something is ouchy on my leg!"

He couldn't walk without stopping to chew on his leg, so Mommy took Scout to see the doctor.

Dr. B was busy because today Dali went in to get fixed and Dr B was the fixer doctor. I don't know what was broken, but Dr B will fix her right up. And Dr. Hawkins is out of work having her baby (I hope it's a puppy!), so Scout saw Dr. Herrema.

When Scout got to the doctor he stopped chewing and pretended like nothing was wrong because he didn't want to get poked with needles. Mommy thought Scout was faking and maybe he didn't need to see the doctor. But she waited anyway.

Dr. Herrema didn't give Scout needles, which was good. He did check out Scout's legs really good though to see where it hurt. And Scout wasn't faking.

Dr. Herrema decided that Scout maybe has been having ouchy hips for a little while and today he ouched it more when he slipped. So Scout has to take some un-ouching medicine and rest for a week. No running or jumping or wrestling.

Which is good because Dali is coming to stay with us after she gets fixed and she has to rest, too. No running or jumping or wrestling for her either.

So everyone has to rest except me. I think things are going to be boring around here for a while.


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KC said...

Poor Scout! I hate ouchy hips!

Scout said...

Me too. I can't have any fun when my hip is ouchy.