Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dr Mommy takes care of the animals

This is me, checking in at Camp Bow Wow.
Sign me up for some fun, please!

Today Mommy played Dr Mommy for Scout and Dali while I went to Camp Bow Wow and had adventures. Scout's hip is still ouchy, so he can't run and play. And Dali came over to our house after her fixing surgery and paw surgery.

Which meant I was going to have a boring day if I stayed home.

First, Mommy and me went to Aunt Rene's day camp for children to bring her some eggs. The kids were very touchy today. They pulled my tail and squished my face and one kid bonked me in the head with a plastic bat.

Then I went to day camp for dogs. My friends Weegee and Diego weren't there today but there were enough other dogs to have some good times. Lindsey told Mommy I played with my girlfriend Trixie. Blech. Girlfriends are blechy, except for Mommy. Trixie is just my pal. Like Abby. 

While I was at camp, Mommy did not go home and watch me on the spy camera like she usually does.

Instead she went to the store, picked Dali up from Dr Bs and brought her to our house, gave Dali and Scout medicine, warmed Scout's bed in the dryer so his hips would feel better, and did some other Dr Mommy type stuff. Then she picked me up from camp and went home to pick up diarrhea poop because Dali was sick in the house. Poor Dali.

I've been a super good boy. I didn't make any mess or cause any problems at all all day. But Dali went into the basement and stuck her whole head in Murphy's litter box and came up with litter box stuff all over her face. Ick, Dali! We're not allowed in the basement! Her Mommy wiped her face with baby wipes.

Scout fell sound asleep on the couch. He snuggled under the blankies like a baby. I hope he feels better soon. I need someone to wrestle with.

The good part of being home with sick dogs is that we got rice and beef for dinner. Yummy.

Anyway, Mommy gets to play Dr. Mommy again tomorrow. Dali has tranquilizers to keep her calm. Scout has medicine to make his hip not ouchy. Mommy asked the vet is she could have some sleeping pills for all the dogs and a few for herself, too. Hahaha, Mommy! You're so funny.

Bandit, the goodest dog of the day

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