Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (and how to sneak an apple pie when your mommy isn't looking)

Today is Thanksgiving! Yay!

This is Tom. He's a turkey. I'm pretty sure that when Mommy invited him he knew he was going to be the main course. First Mommy gave him a bath in the kitchen sink. Then she stuffed some onions and celery up his butt. Then she plopped him into a giant pan and stuck him in the oven.

While Mommy did that, I helped by shredding up some paper towel in case she needed them. I also ate a whole stick of butter, which was not helpful but it tasted good.

Then Scout did a bad thing. He stole a dish towel and shook it up and chewed it! Scout! The good dog did something bad! Who would have guessed?

So I figured I'd help him be badder. We played tug of war and wrecked the towel. It was great.

Mommy couldn't set the table until it was just time to eat because Murphy was sleeping up there.

Then Grandma came. Yay!! Me and Scout were so happy to see her we jumped on her. Which we are not supposed to do. But we missed her. And she had pie in her hands. I like pie.

Then everyone sat down to dinner. Mommy, Daddy and Grandma. Me and Scout were good. Murphy kept jumping on the table and Mommy kept shoving him off. I tried to tell Murphy that isn't how you get fed at dinner. You have to wait until everyone is almost all done eating, and then give everyone the sad puppy face.

I went to Grandma and said, "Hello, Grandma. You're the best Grandma. Can I help you finish anything on your plate?" And Scout went to Daddy and said, "Psst. How about sneaking me a piece of turkey when Mommy isn't looking?"

Mommy washed the dishes and made coffee, and Murphy helped Grandma crochet. Me and Scout had some turkey in our Kongs.

And then came the best part: DESSERT! Murphy sat at the table with Daddy and Grandma.

Remember, I already tasted the pie crusts yesterday. But I was definitely going to get some pie today. Here is how you sneak pie.

First, you pretend like the turkey you just ate made you very tired. You sit by your mommy and let your eyelids open and close and open and close and then you lie down and yawn like you are so tired you can't stay awake any more.

Your mommy will think that you are sound asleep. But when she gets up to fill the coffee, that's when you make your move! Quick, eat as much pie as you can before Mommy gets back!

When Mommy comes back she says, "BANDIT! You bad dog! Wait, let me take a picture."

And then you eat some more. Mommy cut out the parts of the pie with dog spit and she let the chickens eat them. She let me and Scout have a few more nibbles too, since Scout didn't get any pie. It was pretty good apple pie. I think the dog licks on the pie crust helped a lot.

And that's how our Thanksgiving went today! Grandma went home to take a nap. Daddy is watching football. Mommy is getting ready to take a nap. Cassie didn't even come over because she had to work tonight. Me and Scout had turkey and pie. It was a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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