Monday, November 29, 2010

How bad is a bad dog?

Mommy was talking to a nice lady today who adopted a dog from the animal shelter. The dog is a pretty dog that might be a Border Collie or he might be an Australian Shepherd or it might be a mix of both. But he is a busy dog like me. His name was Jack.

The first people who adopted Jack a couple of weeks ago brought him back this weekend. They said he was wearing them down. Hahaha! He's a Border Collie! You're going to wear down before he will!

Anyway, Jack already found a new home! The nice lady who adopted him called Mommy to talk about what she should expect. Mommy told her that Jack is a lot like me, which I think means he is a PITA pup. You know, Pain In The Place Where You Sit Down. But it also must mean he's smart and handsome and snuggly.

Snuggly is the best part, of course.

Mommy said the lady is a little nervous about Jack being a busy dog and Mommy didn't help make her feel any better. Mommy always tells people who want to get  Border Collies to have their heads examined first because you have be kind of crazy to live with a crazy dog. Plus, busy dogs can be naughty dogs. But they can also be the best dogs in the world.

Here are some bad things I do:

I eat poop.
I chew tupperware lids.
I lick the dishes in the sink and eat food off the counters.
I bark.
I steal paper from Mommy's desk and shred it all into little pieces.
I chew socks.
I play Wild Maniac Dog.
I chew slippers.
I chew carpets.
I bark some more.

Here are some good things I do:

I give Mommy kisses.
I play catch.
I snuggle.
I stay out of the garbage.
I go potty outside.
I sing songs for Mommy.
I play nice with my puppy brother, Scout.
I play nice with my kitty brother, Murphy.
I keep Mommy's feet warm at night.
I help herd the chickens back into their pen and I don't bite anyone, not even cranky Mrs. Beasley.
I stay in my crate like a good boy when Mommy goes out.
I play puppy school and do all of my obedience commands.
I visit Aunt Rene's day care for children and let little children pull my tail.
I play nice at Camp Bow Wow and get A+++ on my report card.
I do the Daddy's Home Dance when Daddy comes home and make him feel special.

Mommy says the good stuff waaaay outweighs the bad stuff, and that one good puppy snuggle covers a multitude of chewed up socks.

So I hope that nice lady gives Jack the collie a chance. PITA puppies are definitely worth the work!


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