Monday, November 8, 2010

Bandit goes to day camp and Scout is glad

Today the fence guys came to make noise in the backyard, so Mommy sent me to Camp Bow Wow for a while to have some romping time with my friends instead of having barking time with Scout.

Scout doesn't like going to camp because he only likes a few dogs at one time. Ninetyleven dogs is too many for him. But not for me!

I got to see my best friend, Lindsay. She works at Camp Bow Wow. She has biscuits. She loves me.

Yay, Lindsay! I love you, too!!

Mommy got to watch me playing with some of my camp pals on the secret spy cameras.

I played at camp with my pals Diego and Weegee and sang songs and played in the water dish (which is not a bad thing at camp!). When it was time to go home, I got a report card that said I was a good boy. I got 5 Tail Wags, which is like an A+.

Lindsay should have marked my report card with "I had so much fun playing at camp, I need to go home and take a nap" because I fell asleep in the car on the way home. I was too tired to put my tongue in my mouth.

Scout likes alone time with Mommy. I found out later that while I was at camp he got to sit in the navigator seat in the dogmobile and tell Mommy how to drive. Hey, that's my job! He also told me Mommy took him to the park to play fetch without me. Boo.

When I left for camp, this is how the fence looked.

When I got home, this is how the fence looked! Hey, we can't see Sasha and Steeley or Kona and Killian anymore! Someone forgot to put a dog window in the fence!

So I have a great day even though I came home and found out we can't see our pals through the fence anymore. Lindsay said I should come back to camp next week and that Scout should come on a slow day when there are only maybe eleventeen dogs there so he isn't scared.

You should ask your mommy if you can go to camp. Dogs need romping time.


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Camp Bow Wow said...

Bandit! I'm so glad you had fun at Camp! I miss you (and Scout, too!). Come visit us soon!