Monday, March 7, 2011

Bailey has an adventure and we get stuck home.

Bailey went to Dylan's house and played. Dylan's mommy took this picture.
 Stupid Bailey had an adventure today and it is not fair.

Mommy had to go to the greatest pet store on earth, Pet Saver Super Store, to get us some new food because the food we eat now gives us gas. It's expensive food and very yummy but it doesn't like our tummies too much. So she got something that won't make us so stinky.

And she took Bailey with her and left me and Scout home.

Boo on that. Bailey got snuggled and petted and got a new tag for her collar. But she did bring up home some new biscuits, so that was OK.

And then Mommy and Bailey went to visit Dylan and Jenefer so Jenefer could see how big Bailey got. They had some play time and Dylan read everyone a book and Bailey peed on the carpet. Boo on that, too. I never got to go to Dylan's house to pee on the carpet.

Me and Scout are getting left home a lot. And I heard Mommy say that if Bailey doesn't find a home soon she might end up here forever.

Everyone loves Bailey. I'll bet if they found out she ate her own poop they wouldn't think she was so cute and me and Scout could get some attention once in a while.


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Courtz said...

I would LOVE or wish to adopt her but I can't! :( I'm still in school (college). I fell in love with her already! I couldn't stop thinking about her. Wish her the best luck and I seriously hope she will be in a good family!

Take care :D

A Margarita said...

Bandit, I think you're cute!

Bandit said...

Thanks, Courtz. Mommy says if no one takes Bailey we'll keep her. Which means I am no longer the baby of the family. Boo on that. But I guess Mommy needs a girl in the family with all of us stinky boy animals.

A Margarita, Mommy says it's a good thing I'm so cute since I'm in trouble all the time! You can chew a lot more shoes if you're cute.