Monday, February 28, 2011

Big girl, Bailey!

Look at how big Bailey has gotten since she came to stay with us! Mommy takes her picture next to Scout so we can tell how much she has grown.

This is Bailey when she came to live with us. She is 6 weeks old.

This is Bailey at 10 weeks old.

This is Bailey at 11 1/2 weeks old. Look how much she's grown!

Bailey went to visit a family tonight who is looking for a dog. Except they want a bigger dog that already knows how to potty outside and sleep nice in a crate and not chew up the whole house. So it looks like Bailey will stay with us for a little while. At least until she's as tall as Scout's collar!



Anonymous said...

My bet is that Bailey has already found her home.

Bandit said...

Nope. Daddy says no, she has to find another home. Mommy says if Bailey is here for a couple more months she is keeping her. If that happens, I am going to join the circus.

Love BANDIT!!!!