Sunday, February 13, 2011

The funnest day of the year!

We had some fun romping at the park with Daddy!

Today was the funnest day of the year! Mommy AND Daddy took us to the park! Me, Scout, Bailey, Mommy and Daddy!

Bailey doesn't to get her feet cold.

We had a fun romp in the snow. Daddy is the best snowball maker ever. Bailey was very cold so she just whined like a baby.

Uh oh, here come the cops!

The cops came to the park, too. Daddy made us sit very still and pretend like we were good dogs so that when the cops drove by they wouldn't know we were off of our leashes and give us a ticket. Me and Scout did not want to go to jail, so we sat really nice.

Sit pretty we we don't go to jail!
When it was time to go, Mommy and Daddy talked to two nice ladies who were learning how to ski in the park. Their names were Debbie and Karen ... or maybe Donna and Karen. Mommy can't remember because her brain is frozen. Anyway, Debbie has pit bulls and she thought Bailey was super fantastic and she thinks we should  keep her at our house instead of trying to find her another home. Mommy said Debbie should bring Bailey home with her! Hahaha!

Anyway, we had a super giant romp and then we came home and watched a movie on TV about dogs and a pig called Babe. Then we took naps.

It's the greatest day of the year.

Bandit, who doesn't really want a sister

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nancy said...

Sounds like you had much more fun in the snow than I do. I'm with Bailey. I whine like a baby.

Bandit said...

Nancy, you're just not romping with the right pack. Me and Scout will teach you fun stuff!! Even Bailey started to have some fun. For a few minutes.
Love BANDIT!!!!!!