Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm being a good puppy teacher

Me and Bailey have a nap

Mommy says that I am teaching Bailey all of my tricks. She said it like it might not be a good thing, but I think that Bailey's new family will be very happy with how I have trained her. I don't like having her following me around all the time and copying me. But Mommy says that is how she will learn how to be a dog. Mommy says it would be better if she learned how to do that by following Scout. But that's life.

When come in from going potty, Bailey knows that we go right to the biscuit shelf and sit nice till Mommy gives us a treat.

She knows that when Mommy opens the fridge, if you're really quick you can get a snack. We had chicken salad last week. It was good.

She knows that 2:00 is Sleepy Nap Time, when we all get on the couch and take a nap with Mommy.

She knows that sunflower seed shells are good treats going down but ouchy treats coming out, if you know what I mean.

She knows that if you get to go inside the chicken coop, you can have a super great chicken poop treat, which is better than chasing chickens.

She knows that if you cry long enough, Mommy will come and  pick you up and snuggle you because she feels bad for you. If you can squeeze out some tears, Mommy will wrap you in a blankie and hug you all day.

She knows that if you have to poop in the house, you should do it in the same place all the time so Mommy won't have to hunt for it.

She knows where Mommy keeps the dog food and how to tell when it is feeding time at the zoo.

She's learning that if you give Mommy the sad puppy eyes sometimes she'll let you have some toast crust.

She knows how to get books and papers off of the table in the living room and then run around with them, which is how you get Mommy's attention when she is ignorning you.

She knows how to bark at the delivery guy.

Bailey has learned to play wrestlemania with the cat, to sing the "Mommy come home" song really loud, to chew Mommy's slippers, to spin and spin when she gets excited, and do lots of other stuff. And she likes to nap with me on the couch.

I'm doing a good job with Bailey. I should be a puppy trainer.


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