Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow snuggles and lost puppies

Bailey snuggles in her favorite basket after her adventure yesterday
 Guess what? Yesterday, while Mommy was opening the garage, Bailey disappeared. First she was there, and then, poof! She was gone.

When Mommy turned back, she thought Bailey was wrestling with me and Scout. But she wasn't. It was cold and raining and Mommy thought Bailey went into the garage when she opened the door, so she looked inside with all of the stuff. But Bailey wasn't there.

Bailey learned yesterday that even though she has a big blockhead, she can fit through the space in the front gate, so Mommy was worried that Bailey got scared by the garage door noise and ran down the driveway and through the little space in the fence and kept running.

Then Mommy went end of the driveway and called her. She asked the moving men on the street if they saw her and people out for walks if they saw her. No Bailey.

Then she called Daddy on the phone and said, Help!! Come home!! and he said, I'm on my way! And then Hera's daddy Doug came out to look for Bailey. And then Jason and his friend Trevor came out to look for Bailey.

Me and Scout just hung out in the yard waiting and barking. Mommy said she was getting scared that someone stole Bailey because she's so cute. Me and Scout weren't worried. We think that if someone stole Bailey they would bring her back because she has really stinky breath and her poop stinks up the whole house. Blech.

Anyway, Mommy walked down the street calling "Bailey!! Bailey!!" and there she was, standing on the sidewalk on the other side of the street just a little ways down from our house.

When Bailey saw Mommy she came running to her really fast and jumped into her arms. She was shaking scared, even though she was only gone about eleventeen minutes.

Mommy thinks that Bailey ran down the driveway and forgot how to get back up, so she just started walking and got lost. She didn't want to run away and she heard Mommy calling and tried to come home to her, but she doesn't know our street so she got loster and loster.

Once Bailey was snuggled back in her basket and Daddy was home, Mommy started crying and crying and saying, "What if we didn't find her? What if someone stole her? What if she got hit by a car? Whhhaaa!!" Me and Scout just said, "When's dinner?"

Daddy went out and put screen fence all over the gate so Bailey can't fit her big blockhead through any more.

Mommy made some brownies for Doug and the kids to thank them for going out in the rain and cold to walk around the neighborhood to find the puppy. She said they did that once to look for me, except I don't remember running away. I just went visiting the neighbors a lot when I was a puppy. Hey, everyone, just stopping by to pee on your flowers!

Anyway, today is a super snow day! There wasn't snow yesterday, so it was good that Bailey didn't get lost today.

We played for a while and now we are all snuggled in the house. The snow is over Bailey's head, so she gets snuggled more. Plus Mommy says it's "girl power," since she and Bailey are two girls against four boys in the house.

Boo on girl power.

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