Monday, February 28, 2011

Our weekend

Saturday night was a bad night. Mommy tried to make Bailey sleep in the big nite nite crate.

You should know that puppies in our house have two crates. They have a nite nite crate upstairs where puppies have to sleep when they are babies so they don't chew stuff and pee all over while the mommy and daddy sleep. When the puppy gets to be a big puppy, they get to sleep on the bed. Yay!

There is also a downstairs crate called the baby crate. That is where the baby puppy has to go when Mommy has to go to the store and other fun stuff that she does without dogs.

Bailey does not like the baby crate. She pees and poops in there and she barks and barks and barks. She can bare for hours.When Mommy went to the shelter on Saturday, Bailey pulled in the blankie covering the crate and made all of the stuff on top of the crate crash on the floor. Then she pooped on all of her toys and pushed them out of the crate through the bars. Then she just barked and barked.

Up until Saturday night, Bailey was sleeping in Murphy's cat carrier on Mommy's bed. She likes it in there and sleeps pretty much like a good girl. Except Mommy says that Bailey must have eaten something like Alice did in Wonderland, because all of the sudden Bailey is so giant she can hardly fit in Murphy's crate!

So that's why Bailey had to go in the nite nite crate on Saturday. She went in at 11 PM and barked for about fortyleven hours. Then at 3 in the morning Mommy took us all out for potty and when we came in she put Bailey back in the carrier. She said she might be squished but at least she's quiet.

On Sunday morning, us dogs were making Mommy nuts. Bailey pooped and ate it. I barked and barked. Scout barked and barked. Murphy knocked all of the stuff off of the kitchen table. Us animals were being very, very bad.

Finally Mommy took me and Scout to the park and left Bailey with Daddy. She said if she didn't get out of the house someone was going to get hurt and it might be someone with a tail. Me and Scout ran and ran and ran and ran in the park and had some good fun in the fluffy snow. We got pooped out good.

When we came home, Mommy got on the couch to read a book. Then she said to Daddy, "I think me and Bandit will go upstairs to read." Yay! Alone time with Mommy!

Except we did not go upstairs to read. It's a secret. We went upstairs and got in bed and went to sleep! It was great. Me and Mommy had twelveteen hours alone together snuggled in the bed.

So it was a great weekend. And last night, even Bailey got a treat. Mommy fell asleep in bed with Bailey on her pillow! So she didn't even go in the carrier. Hahaha!

We dogs know how to get Mommy to do what we want. All we have to do is make her really tired so she can't think straight.


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