Thursday, February 10, 2011

The unfairest day of the year

Today was the unfairest day of the year so far. Mommy took Scout for a ride in the car to the credit union and left me home to babysit stupid Bailey.

You need ear plugs to babysit Bailey because all she does sing the "Mommy come home" song. Very loud. Very screamy. I was so mad that Mommy and Scout went on an adventure without me that I sang with Bailey. We had a "Mommy come home" symphony concert for the neighbors. They probably heard us all the way to the credit union.

And then it got worse. Mommy and Scout went to visit our favorite neighbor, Mr. Tim Horton. They brought me back a Tim Bit but I don't forgive them yet for going out and leaving me home.

Boo on that.


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