Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bandit joins Dogs Against Romney!

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I am not a politics kind of dog. I am a playing and romping and barking and blogging about fun stuff kind of dog. But Mommy told me a story this week about a man named Mitt Romney who is running for president of the United States.

Mitt Romney once had a dog named Seamus. And he took Seamus on a family vacation to Canada. Except there was no room in the car. So do you know what Mitt Romney did? He put Seamus in his dog crate and tied the crate to the top of the car and made Seamus ride up there!!

That is very scary. It is noisy and cold and windy on top of the car, especially if you are there for twelveteen hours. So you know that Seamus pooped in his crate because he was afraid. And when the poop rolled down on to the window, do you know what Mitt Romney did?

He took Seamus out of the crate. soaked him with the hose and soaked out his crate, and then stuffed Seamus back into the crate and kept driving!

This is Mitt Romney. I think he is waving
goodbye to Seamus. Boo on Mitt Romney.
He is one very, very not nice man. A nice man who loves his dog would not have made his dog ride on top of the car or drowned his dog with a hose and then stuffed him back into the crate in the wind to become a pupsicle.

When they got to Canada, Seamus ran away. Yay, Seamus! I hope he ran and ran until he found a nice Canadian family to take care of him.

When me and Mommy went to BlogPaws, I rode inside the dogmobile and helped her navigate. We listened to music and stopped at McDonalds and shared a Happy Meal and stayed overnight at Grandpa's house so I would not have to be stuck in a car for eleventymillion hours. Plus, we stopped so I could pee in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. That is how you should travel with your dog.

Plus, when we got there, I got to sleep in my own bed in the hotel and eat in the dining room and lick stuff on the buffet table.

There is a dog named Rusty who has a website called I like Rusty. I don't like Mitt Romney. I do not want a president who would do that to a dog and then think it's funny all these years later. If he would do that to a dog, what would he do to his people?

I will not vote for Mitt Romney on election day. And you know that I know how to vote. Remember? I went with Mommy last time and helped her fill out the paper and feed the voting machine.

So I am a Dogs Against Romney dog now. So is Bailey. And if Scout were here, he'd be one, too. Boo on Mitt Romney. I wonder if my pal Bo Obama likes Mitt Romney. I bet he doesn't either. Although Bo didn't get a party on his one year anniversary at the White House. But I don't think his daddy the president would make him ride on top of the car.


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Anonymous said...

This alleged event occurred in 1983! Almost 30 years ago.

As the saying goes, "You can fool some of the people all of the time."

Anonymous said...

It's not an "alleged" incident since ol' Mitt confessed to it recently. He's a JERK.

Jessie said...

It does not matter how long ago it was - he was an adult at the time! Even a small child can empathize with an animal that is suffering.

I feel bad when my dog is curled up on the sofa after a bath and looks chilly! (She really hates blow dryers.) I certainly wouldn't dream of strapping her to the top of a car, cold and wet!

To this day, he does not believe that it was wrong to make his dog ride on top of the car, and that makes me question his judgment and ability to empathize. That doesn't bode well for the American people!