Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bailey is a wild bathtub puppy (video)

Us dogs went outside to play today and Bailey got really muddy and dirty. It is tough work getting dirty. It can make a dog thirsty. So when Bailey went in the house, guess where she went to get a drink?

The bathtub!

Mommy heard her barking and went upstairs and Bailey was in the tub saying, Turn on some water, Mommy, I need a drink!

I tried to tell her, Get out now, Bailey, before Mommy gets out the stinky shampoo and bubbles you up and drowns your eyeballs with the shower hose!

 But Bailey said, Go away, Bandit, or I will bite off your nose.

Bailey is being a wild animal today. She pooped in the house and she is being very mean to me. I think Mommy should take her to the zoo and trade her for a monkey.


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Julie said...

Hi Bandit! I just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello! This video cracked me up, Bailey is a little nut LOL. Love your picture, you're a doll! :)

Bandit!!! said...

Hi, Julie! I'm glad I made you laugh. Mommy says sometimes I make her want to pull her hair out.

You have a pretty dog!
Your pal