Monday, September 12, 2011

Uh oh. Me and Bailey are really, really bad.

Me and Bailey had a big fight last night and when Mommy and Daddy tried to break us up, Bailey accidentally bit Daddy and ouched his finger so bad he had to go to the hospital and have the doctor sew it up.

This is what happened: Mommy and Daddy went to the airport to get Grandma home from her adventure in Alaska, and when they got back from the airport we were so happy to see them that we got very excited and then got into a fight. Me and Bailey have big fights. It is scary. I don't know why we fight like that. We don't hate each other that much.

But sometimes we just lose our minds and when our minds come back we are all sweaty and one of us is bleeding. Last night, though, poor Daddy got hurt. There was blood everywhere. Blech. And I got a big bunch of fur yanked out and it hurts. And Bailey ouched her paw.

So now we have to get some super emergency help from Miss Sherri on how to manage our behavior. And Dr. Hawkins said that we can call her anytime if we need help, too. Dr. Hall is having Bailey take medicine to help her ouchy hips and make her not so "hot". She's a hot devil dog.

It's a very good thing that we have Miss Sherri and Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Hall to help us out. Otherwise Bailey would be on a bus to the pound and probably end up having to take a long sleep. You know what that means.

Except Mommy and Daddy think that Bailey is not bad. She just has a hard time understanding what to do when she gets mad. Plus she has ouchy hips, so if you touch her sometimes she gets growly. Most families would not put up with a naughty dog like that. But our family has a lot of time to help a dog like Bailey, even if it costs fortyleventeen million dollars and makes us broke and tired.

Bailey told me she is very worried that Mommy is going to leave her again, like she did when me and  Mommy went to BlogPaws. And that makes her very stressed all the time. Bailey said she doesn't want to be bad but something happens in her noggin and she can't help it.

So we are going to try and help Bailey not be a devil dog and me not to fight back when Bailey gets so mad at me. And we also have to wait on poor Daddy with his hurt paw. Plus, Bailey will probably get a visit from the dog police and have to be under house arrest for a seventyleven days.

There has been a lot of crying and ouching and bleeding going on over here this week and it's only Monday.

Your pal

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