Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We are going to experiment with new food from Castor & Pollux

When I was at BlogPaws I made a new friend named Mary and she has the best job in the world. She works for a dog food company called Castor & Pollux! Yum.

Mary fell in love with me and sent me a giant box of food and stuff so that I can taste them all and tell her what I think. She loves me so much she sent enough for all three of us dogs plus something for Murphy!

Mary is a good friend.

So here is the stuff we are going to try: dog food, dog food, dog food! And some cat food and treats. There are vegetables and fruit in the food and it tastes really super yummy. And because one of the food is a fish food with no chicken, Scout can even try it!

Mommy said that is it made in the good old USA, which is very, very good. I will tell you all about the food as we try it out.

Love, Mary's friend,

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Mary said...

Hope you enjoy the fruits and veggies Bandit!

Bandit!!! said...

HI Mary!!! We are loving our new food. Murphy likes his cat food, too. And we already tore apart the toy. Oops.

You are my great new friend!!