Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mommy is going to BarkWorld without me

Mommy is going to BarkWorld and there will be a doggy wedding. Barf.

Mommy told me today that she is going to a place called BarkWorld and I am not going.

Boo on that, Mommy.

Me and Mommy had lots of good fun when we went to BlogPaws so I don't know why I can't go to this adventure with her.

Mommy says she would lovelovelove to have me come. But she says I cannot ride in a plane unless they let me sit on a seat with her or ride up with the pilot. She says it is not good for a dog to ride with the suitcases because it is loud and scary and not a good dog environment. Whatever that means.

So I said, No problem! Let's take the dogmobile! But she said she can't afford eleventyseven thousand dollars to make sure the dogmobile will get us from Rochester to Georgia and back. So she is going to fly by herself on a plane to BarkWorld and share a room with Henrietta's mommy.

I have to stay home with my brother Scout and our stupid sister Bailey who poops in the house and howls at the fire trucks and fights with us until we bleed and hogs the bed and snores.

Mommy says that when she is at BarkWorld she is going to a doggy wedding where a dog named Stedman will marry a dog named Phoenix. Blech. They are probably going to kiss each other. Barf.

AND I found out that Mommy is going to a people wedding in November and I am not invited to that, either. There will probably be kissing there, too.

So boo on weddings and boo on trips without me and boo on having to stay home with my stupid sister.

It is a boo kind of day.

Love, your not happy pal,

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Angie said...

Boo on your day. My mommy and daddy are going to a wedding next week and I'm not invited either. There should be a law against such wrong things!