Thursday, September 1, 2011

You could be the next Owney the Postal Dog!

Mommy just entered me into a contest to be the next Owney the Postal Dog.

Owney was a super special dog who used to travel with the mail on the railways. He had lots of adventures! And the Smithsonian National Postal Museum and Washington Humane Society are searching for the dog who could be a modern Owney.

I think they want a dog that looks like Owney. But I like to travel so maybe they will consider me, too!\

Actually, the winner will get an iPad, which I think would make it much easier for me to blog when me and Mommy have more travel adventures.

You can check out my entry here, or you can find out more on the contest Facebook page!

Your pal,

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Hanna at Dog Products said...

Hi Bandit,

We look nothing like Owney, so we won’t even bother attempting to compete. Besides, our mommy would never let us out of her sight and she certainly wouldn’t let us travel the railways. Besides, mommy is wondering whether mail is still conveyed by trains as opposed to airplanes.

In any case, we hope you win because you’re such a cool pup.

Udi and Yumbo
(Hanna’s Shih Tzu boys)

Bandit!!! said...

Hi guys! I don't look like Owney either. And I don't think the winner has to travel. But I would like that iPad so I can do more blogging while me and Mommy take road trips. Plus, stupid Bailey is learning to type and she is hogging the computer. Boo on sisters.

your pal

Bandit!!! said...

Hannah! Did you see I reminded Mommy to add you to our list of cool blog pals? I told you she forgets everything.