Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bailey gets a bath

You should know that my stupid sister Bailey is not a regular girl who likes princess crowns and bows and tea parties. She likes mud and dirt and wrestling. So me and Scout taught her how to get good and stinky.

And she really stinks! So yesterday, Daddy and Mommy gave her a bath. Hahaha!! It was great!

"I don't want to be in the bathtub, Mommy."

"Daddy, save me! Mommy is making me get unstinky!"

"I am not a happy puppy."

You should know that before me and Bailey decided we didn't like each other, I taught her how to get back at Mommy and Daddy when they make you get a bath. You go outside and get dirty and then romp on the clean sheets. She is very mad at Mommy and Daddy so I bet she plays a mean trick on them when they are not expecting it.

Hahaha, Mommy and Daddy!! We are stinkers and you can't bath that away!!


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