Friday, January 6, 2012

Scout became an angel today

Scout is playing bubbles on God's Farm in the Sky

Today is a very sad day for us. Scout went to live on God's Farm in the Sky.

Scout has been sick for long time from that icky yuck growing in his insides. The cancer doctor said last summer that Scout would not live to the end of summer.

Hahah, cancer doctor! Scout was still here at Christmas to see Santa!! Just like Mommy said he would be!

But this week Scout has been feeling very sick and last night he got super sick. He was barfing and he couldn't stand up too much by himself and so before breakfast Mommy and Daddy took him to see Dr. Hawkins. Scout was not with them when they came home.

Mommy said that Scout got out of his dog body self and turned into his dog angel self and caught the train to God's Farm in the Sky! Now he is up in heaven playing with other dogs. I bet he is playing bubbles with Jesus.

Mommy said Scout isn't sick any more and his pain is all gone and he is jumping and running and playing like  a puppy. She said he will wait on God's Farm until someday when we go to heaven and then we'll all get to romp and play together forever.

I hope the angels have a lot of bubbles. He really likes that game.

I am very sad that Scout is not coming home. He is a great big brother and I will miss not talking to him every day. But Mommy said that when I say my prayers I can give God a message to give to Scout so that every day when the angels call "mail call!" he will get a letter from me that says, "Hey, Scout, how's it going? We are OK here. Bailey is still being a stupid sister and I just ate some shoes. Talk to you later! Love Bandit!"

God thinks of everything. I am glad his farm is such a great place for a not-sick-anymore dog to live.

Mommy is crying a lot today. Bailey is spending a few hours at Dr. Hawkins office so me and Mommy can have some snuggle times. Scout was the dog who knew how to kiss away tears so I just let Mommy hug me lots. I hope I can do as good a job as Scout did at making Mommy feel better.

Anyway, that is what happened today.

your sad pal

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nancy said...

Oh Sweetie! Thinking about you and your Momma a lot today. Glad you are taking care of her.

Kim said...

So sad for you!!! You and your family are in our prayers...

Angie said...

This post made MY mommy cry! We are thinking about you. Your mommy is so lucky to have you to snuggle.

Michele Dougherty said...

Beautifully tear stream down my face my heart bleeds for you, but I do believe that there is a better, happier and healthy place where they do romp and play all the time. Waiting for that special reunion <3 with hugs and heartfelt sympathy. God Bless.

Gabi said...

i send my condolences my cat died recently so i have sadness too

Cathy said...

I am so sorry for your loss. These little guys become such a part of our families don't they?

I read on your other blog that you had a lot of guilt about all of this.


Scout had a much longer, happier life than he would have, thanks to you. You went beyond what most pet owners would do and sought out alternative therapies for him and helped make his lasts months good for him.

Bandit said...

Thanks, everybody!

Gabi, I hope your kitty finds Scout on God's Farm. Scout is good with kitties. He would be a good snuggle buddy.


Bandit said...

Thanks, everybody!

Gabi, I hope your kitty finds Scout on God's Farm. Scout is good with kitties. He would be a good snuggle buddy.


Lindsay said...

So many hugs to my best friend, Bandit. I miss Scout, but I know he's barking at you from God's farm!

Your friend Lindsay!