Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I ouched myself & Scout came home

Yup, I ouched my paw.

So last night I ouched myself on my front paw. I ouched a nail right off! I did it at 8:01 o'clock, which is about fortyleven seconds after Dr. Hawkins' office closes.

Mommy said it was not an emergency, but I was limping and licking my paw and she remembered when Scout ouched his paw like that it hurt A LOT. So she called the emergency hospital/super power central. The nice man said it was probably not an emergency but if the nail yanked off during the night it would probably hurt a lot more.

You should know that Mommy took a class on first aid for dogs, so she has some boo boo wrap to fix little ouches at home until we can get to Dr. Hawkins' office. Except she thought she was out of ouch medicine and she and Daddy thought I feeling pretty ouchy.

Mommy and Daddy decided that they didn't want me to be ouchy all night - thank you, Mommy and Daddy! - so me and Mommy went to the hospital to have my paw fixed.

It was really slow at the hospital. That's a good thing, because it means lots of dogs are not sick. Yay! So my paw got fixed super quick. I got a boo boo wrap and a plastic bag slipper to keep the boo boo wrap dry. When I walked, it looked like a flipper flapping around.

Except I didn't get any ouch medicine. Mommy asked the doctor a couple of times but she said, "Oh, he'll be fine. They tolerate this really well." I was trying to tell the doctor that I don't know what that big word meant but my paw really hurt. OUCH. Then she said we could take off the boo boo wrap later that night.

Anyway, Mommy took me home and we had some boo boo snuggles. First, we got into jammies. Then we got into bed and read books and ate goldfish crackers. Even Murphy and I did some snuggles.

Murphy licked my head for a while and made me feel better.

Then we got up in the mids of the night for a snack from the fridge, Bandit-style. That is when you eat your snack right out of the containers instead of putting it on a plate. (If you have a snack Bandit-style and you're sharing with your Mommy, she will probably want to use a fork. That is OK. By now you should know that I know how to eat off of a fork.)

We had some chicken and some potatoes (well, I had already licked all of potatoes earlier so Mommy didn't have any of those) and some chocolate pudding pie. (Mommy ate the pudding part and I ate the pie crust part, because you know that chocolate gives dogs emergency poop and I had already been to the hospital and did not want to go back.) Murphy had some chicken and pie crust, too.

Then me and Mommy went back to bed and she tried to take off my boo boo wrap. Except I yelped every time Mommy tried to touch my paw. OUCH!! So she said we could leave it until morning.

This morning, I was still limping - ouch! - and when Mommy tried to take off the boo boo wrap I did a bad thing. I made a big growl at her. I felt bad about that, but Mommy, you made my paw hurt! I finally let her take off the boo boo wrapping stuff. I am still limping a little and licking the boo boo, but it's not as ouchy as last night.

Anyway, Mommy went to visit Dr. Hawkins's office to pick up ... guess what? Scout. Except it's not all of Scout. It's just his dog body self in a pretty box, because, remember, his dog angel self is in heaven playing with Oscar and Comet and Natasha and Penny and Ho Ho and Phantom and lots of other animal friends and their animal angel selfs.

Dr. Hawkins also sent home one ouchy pill for me, because she thought I was probably feeling a little ouchy today. See, Dr. Hawkins knows that I don't growl at Mommy for no reason and that when you rip off your paw nail it really hurts and unless you are a stuffed dog from the toy store you are not going to tolerate it well. That is why we love her.

So I got my paw ouched and my brother came home (kind of) and it is raining we are snuggling up some more and getting ready for Sleepy Nap Time.


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