Thursday, January 12, 2012

I miss my brother

Me and Mommy get snuggled in our jammies and eat goldfish crackers to feel better.
So it is not fun without Scout. The day after Scout left, it snowed overnight and I ran outside to play, but he wasn't there. So I went upstairs and jumped all over Mommy til she woke up and then I said, "Come out and play in the snow!" But she is not as fun as Scout.

I have been waiting for him to come home, but Murphy told me that Scout is not coming home. I think he is lying. I think Scout just went away on adventure for a few days, like when me and Mommy went to BlogPaws! I think he's going to come home and tell me all about it. So for a while, I kept sniffing for him and waiting for him.

Except I think now that Murphy is right. Scout is not coming home.

I think I am very sad. Mommy is, too. So me and Mommy sneak upstairs to get into bed early and we eat goldfish crackers and tell stories and have lots of snuggles and read books. I think that is helping us feel better.

Mommy took me to a park this week where we sometimes would go when it did big snows outside and we played and chased the ball and it was great! Except I missed Scout. I could smell him on the trees and in the fields. Mommy says she is not going to take me to the regular park where we romped because it will make her cry and cry and she already has a very big headache cry.

And when Mommy goes out with Bailey, I am all alone here. I have never been all alone without Scout. It's lonely. I have been singing very sad songs when Mommy is not here.
Anyway, that is what is going on here at our house. Lots of snuggles and naps and goldfish crackers.

Oh, and Bailey has gas. Peee-eeeeww!!! She stinks up the whole house. I wish Scout was here. We'd have some big laughs about that.


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