Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you dress your dog up in clothes?

I only had to wear a shirt because I had big boo boos on my chest that were icky.
I don't think I would like to wear clothes all the time.
Mommy is working on an article idea about dogs and cats who get dressed up in clothes. She has a friend who dresses her dogs up in tutus and we met a cat who has about eleventyfour thousand outfits!

So she wants to know what other people think about it so she can include some of what you say in her story.

If you are a dog or cat or hamster or ferret or lizard or bird or fish, do you wear clothes? What kind of clothes do you wear? Do you only get dressed up on special occasions or do you have clothes you wear every day? And if you are a fish, do you have to wear waterproof clothes?

I had to wear a shirt one time when me and Bailey got into a big fight and I had some ouchy boo boos on my chest. But I do not think I would like to wear clothes. I'm a dog, not a baby!

Although Mommy snuggles me like a baby and I like that. I like when we have quiet times and I put my head on her chest and she kisses me beween my ears and pets the sides of my face and tells me that I am the most wonderful dog and that she loves me lots and lots. And when she stops, I nudge her to tell her I am not done being baby loved. But I would not like to wear a baby diaper. Blech.

What do you think?


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Mister said...

That's my blog post about getting dressed up. It's only for Halloween and Christmas. Although Mom keeps saying she needs to get me a rain coat so I don't smell like "dog" after our walks when it's rainy. Um, duh Mom. I AM a dog.


P.S. I like when my mommy snuggles and rubs on me, too.

Bandit said...

Mister, I am pretty stinky right now. I like it that way!
I can't wait to read your blog!!!
Love BANDIT!!!