Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I make some GIANT friends! (pictures)

I went with Mommy today while she had to get her taxes done. They made me wait in the car. Boo. I sang loud songs the whole time.

But guess what? While we were there I met some horses who live next to Joe's tax office!

"Hi. My name is Bandit! "
"It's OK, furry little buddy," said the ginormous Mr. Horse. "I won't hurt you!"

One of my new friends.

One of my new friends.
"Hey Mommy, come and meet my new friend!"

Just in case you didn't know, horses are GIANT. But they are nice giants. If you are a dog and you are scared and bark at them, they don't even run away! They just say, "Don't worry, furry little friend. We won't hurt you."

So I sang them some songs too while Mommy and Daddy were in Joe's tax office.


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Mister said...

I met horses once. A parade came right past my mawmaw's house and it had horses. I could hear them coming and got really excited. I really wanted to go say hi, but there was a stupid fence in the way!

Bandit said...

A parade? I don't think I've ever been to a parade. I went to see elephants on parade once when the circus came to town but they were late and we went home.

I think I am glad there was a fence when I met the horses because they were a little scary. They have big feet!