Friday, January 27, 2012

Bailey has an adventure and I made a new friend today!

This is me and my new friend Brooklyn.
She's a good romping pal! Even if she is a girl.

Bailey went for an adventure with Mommy today to deposit Daddy's paycheck. Then they went to visit Daddy at work. They had some french fries and Bailey got to say hello to everyone. How Bailey got to say hello to everyone is a big secret except she said she knows what Daddy's office looks like. Boo on secrets.

Big deal, Bailey. I got to go with Mommy tonight to the hardware store to see if she can find some new gates to keep us in our separate corners. And ha ha! I got to go into the hardware store! And there was a dog who works there named Brooklyn and me and her had some fun romps!

I have not had fun romps in a long time. Scout was sick and you know that Bailey does not know how to romp. So Brooklyn and me played chase, and I helped her greet people when they came into the store. It was fun!

Look at all the friends Brooklyn has!
 Brooklyn even has her own friends club. I should give her my picture since we're friends now. You can go to the hardware store on February 11 and see some of Brooklyn's friends looking for homes! The fun will happen at Beyond Hardware in Penfield. It's a good place to buy fix it stuff and make friends, too!

Then me and Mommy went to visit Mr. Tim Horton for some coffee and Tim Bits. It was a good day.


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