Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bandit gets mad at Scout for not sharing

Scout was being a very bad boy this week and I am very mad at him.

He was lying on the floor in the living room chewing on a Nylabone so I went over and said, Give me that bone. But he didn't give it to me! He just kept chewing like I wasn't even there!

So I said, Give me that bone NOW. But he just smiled and kept on chewing.

So I started saying really loud, GimmeGimmeGimme!!! - which Mommy thinks is just barking - but Scout would not give me that bone.

Mommy came into the living room to see what was going on, and Scout just kept chewing his bone. And I said Mommy! Make him give me that bone now!

But do you know what Mommy did? She said, Good boy Scout! And then she told me to go find another toy to play with. She got on the floor and pulled out every other toy me and Scout have and put them in a big pile and told me to take my pick.

I told Mommy I wanted the bone that Scout was chewing, and she said, Too bad Bandit. You can't have everything you want.

And then she said, Good boy Scout! and went into the kitchen. And Scout just kept chewing on the bone.

So I am mad at Scout for not giving me the bone and I am mad at Mommy for taking his side.

But its OK. While Mommy was in the kitchen she was making us Kongs with peanut butter, so me and Scout got the same treats and everything ended up OK.


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