Thursday, August 26, 2010

We get kicked out of the park, Happy Birthday Grandpa Art and Jared, and no leftovers for the pups

This is Cassie and her cousin Jared. Jared is 13 so he likes to
make funny faces. Look! He is almost as tall as Cassie!

Today me and Scout and Mommy went to the park to run around like wild animals. Except there was a camp for wild children going on down there. And after us pups had run around for only eleventeen minutes, the wild children needed to use our part of the park. So we got the boot.

Boo on wild children camp.

Then Mommy took us home and then she went out without us. And when she came home she smelled like dogs, which me and Scout do not like. So to make up for it she took us to Tim Hortons for coffee and Tim Bits. Yay for Mommy!

And then she took just me to the credit union to say hi to my friends. Guess what? I can almost jump over Tammy's counter to get to her box of biscuits. Pretty soon, Tammy! I'm practicing!

Then we all went home and Mommy and Daddy and Cassie went out to dinner with the whole doggone family except us dogs. Boo on that. They went out for a happy birthday dinner for Grandpa Art and for our cousin Jared.

They had dinner at a restaurant where a man in a funny hat whacks around the food and cooks right in the middle of the table. The funny man tells jokes while he cooks. He even made a big, big fire! That sounds like it would have been big fun.

Look out! The funny man is cooking right on the table!

Nana asked Mommy, "Will Bandit write about our dinner?" Nana, you have to bring us with you to dinner so I can write about it! I like to go to Schallers and eat french fries off of people's plates. You can bring Lilly and I'll write about that. It'll be great!

This is Grandpa and Nana. Grandpa Art turns
fortyleven this month. Happy Birthday, Grandpa Art!

Mommy brought home leftovers but none are for us. Boo on that, too, Mommy. We want to try birthday food that got cooked in a big fire right in the middle of the table.

Anyway, we got kicked out of the park but we got to have Tim Hortons and I got to take an adventure. So it was a good day. Tomorrow we'll probably have to nap for seventyleven hours to rest up!


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Nana said...

Sorry Bandit but we can't take Lily out to eat with us because she doesn't know how to behave. When we go to Key West we go to a grill right on the water and you guys would love it because everyone brings their puppies with them. Big or small, they all get along except Lily who is usually the smallest one ther but goes crazy when ever a puppy walks by. She is the only noisy one there so she can't go anymore.

Bandit said...

Nana, I would be a bad boy because I like to eat from the table. But I am learning to be better. I think I could be a very good dog in Key West. Maybe I could teach Lily not to be a bad girl at dinner.

Love BANDIT!!!