Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're having a Pawjama Party!

Us three amigos, back in April. That's Dali in the middle.

Yay! Our cousin Dali is going to sleep tonight!

Cassie is going to a funeral in Massachusetts and Mommy's back is still too hurting to sit that long in the car. So she is going to stay home and dog sit.

That means that me and Scout and Dali can run around the yard and play Wrestlemania for two whole days! There will probably be some peeing on things, too.

Here is how you get ready for a Pawjama Party with your cousin.

First, you block off the couch so Dali can't get on it, because she will pee on the couch.

Then, you get out the spare crate and get it all cleaned off and set up in the spare bedroom. Dali cannot sleep on a bed because she will pee on it.

And last, you get three Kongs ready with peanut butter and put them in the freezer so your dogs can have a fun snack.

The first thing we did when Dali got here was play wrestling to see which pup was going to be in charge. Scout won. He is the chief dog. Then me and Dali ran and wrestled and played and peed on stuff outside.

Then we went inside and had our Kongs with peanut butter.

Pawjama parties are the best kind of fun ever!

Then Dali peed on my dog bed. Bad Dali.  But Mommy didn't yell. I feel bad for Dali because she misses her mommy already. But we're going to take good care of her.


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