Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to be a P.I.T.A puppy

Mommy said that today I am being a P.I.T.A. pup. That stands for

A-place where you sit down.

I must be doing a good job today because Mommy's back hurts her so much she can hardly sit down.

Here is how you know if you are a P.I.T.A puppy:

- do you bark to go outside and then bark to come inside and then bark to go outside and then bark to come inside? A lot?

- do you chew up all of the lids to your mommy's Tupperware containers or steal silverware out of the sink and leave the forks on the couch so when your mommy sits down she gets poked in the legs?

- do you play Wrestlemania with your puppy brother or the cat until someone starts to cry and your mommy has to untangle you?

- do you wait till your mommy lays down on the couch and then stick your cold, wet nose in her ear and then jump on her head?

You might be a P.I.T.A. puppy, because I did that stuff today. Mommy said Scout has also been a P.I.T.A. puppy because he has been barking at our friends and going in and out and trying to get Mommy to play bubbles with him.

But Mommy said once we got our wiggles worked out we calmed down and have been very good boys all afternoon. So I guess we are only morning P.I.T.A. puppies.

Mommy had to take a make-your-back-not-hurt pill and those pills make her sleepy. So I am going to lie down like a good puppy and take a nap and maybe when Mommy wakes up we can play a game.


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Nana said...

Sorry to hear your back has been bothering you Joanne. It sounds like never a dull moment in your house but I'm glad you do have such good companions. Love NANA