Friday, August 20, 2010

Our pawjama party is almost over

Scout, Dali and Bandit, the three amigos

Well, it's almost time for our pawjama party to be over. We had some good times with our cousin Dali over the past two days.

Mostly, we were super good dogs. We played nice, we slept nicely in our jail cells, and no one pooped in the house. Mommy played puppy school with us and even Dali did sit, say come the right way. We didn't even beat Murphy up too much!

So Mommy said we can have another pawajama party again sometime.

But since this party is almost over us dogs decided to have ourselves one last barkfest. Sasha and Steeley were out, and Kona and Killian were out, so we barked and barked and barked. Even Dali helped! Mommy tried to get us to go in the house and shut up but, Sorry, Mommy! We're barking too loud to hear you!

Hahaha, that was fun. Mommy said we caused something called pandamonium. I didn't see any pandas out in the yard but I'll bet if they were there they would have had a good time with us.

The only part of the pawjama party that I didn't like was all the times Dali tried to steal my snuggles with Mommy. I would go to Mommy and make her pet me, and then Dali would come over and push me out of the way and steal my snuggles spot! And whenever Mommy was sitting at her computer, Dali would lie down right under her feet and not let me get near her.

Scout says I am just getting a taste of my own medicine. I don't know what that means, but I will be glad when I don't have anyone to fight for Mommy-time except Scout.

Anyway, if you have never invited your cousin to sleep over, you should really do it. It's lots of fun!


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