Monday, August 16, 2010

Bo Obama goes on vacation to Florida. How come we don't go anywhere?

Our big excitement is waiting for Daddy to come home from work.

So Bo Obama went to Florida with the President and his family for a vacation. He probably got to fly on Air Force One again. Lucky dog. We never get to go anywhere.

Scout says that before I came along we used to get to go to camp and swim in the pond. I've only been to camp one time and Uncle Artie yelled at me the whole time because I kept trying to eat off the table. Boo on that.

I think Mommy and Daddy should take me and Scout and Cassie and Dali on a vacation to the beach. We would have lots of fun playing ocean water dog. Mommy could rest her back and read books and get a suntan. Daddy could fish. Cassie could suntan, too. And us dogs would romp and romp and romp!!

Bandit, who is having a boring summer

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Nana said...

Bandit, Ask Mommy and Daddy to take you to camp when uncle Art isn't there. You could invite Cassie and Dali and even spend the night if you want to. Sound like it could be a plan? It's much smaller then the ocean but the pond is fun to swim in. Just ask Scout.

Bandit said...

Hi, Nana! That would be fun except Daddy is hardly ever home. Maybe we can get there!!
Me and Scout want to take a road trip to Key West. Daddy would be happy with that kind of adventure!

nancy said...

Dear Bandit,

I will go to Key West with you!