Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me and Dail had to sleep in jail. Boo on that.

Dali and me take a break from playing wild crazy wrestling dogs last night

Dali slept over last night so her mommy could go to Massachusetts for Aunt Rosemary's goodbye to heaven party because our Mommy is still having a hurting back and can't ride in the car.

We had some fun last night!

After Dali took a shower with Mommy - hahahaha! Dali got right in the shower with Mommy! Surprise, Mommy! - we played for a while and then we went to bed.

Well, me and Dali went to jail, actually. Here is what happened.  

Daddy is sleeping in the snoring room so Mommy and her hurting back can have the whole bed. So Daddy put a jail in the snoring room for Dali. Mommy locked me in my night-night jail in the hallway. I like to sleep in there but I don't like to get jailed in there! Scout got to sleep wherever he wanted. Boo on all of that.

Then Mommy and Daddy went to bed.

Dali cried in her jail and I cried in my jail. Then we all got tired of crying and went to sleep. Mommy got up in the night and let me sneak out of jail because she missed me, but instead of going to bed with her I went to find Dali to see if I could break her out of jail.

Which made Dali cry and woke up Daddy, so slam. Back into jail for me.

Us dogs all decided to go to sleep so we would have enough energy to play Wrestlemania today.

Dali woke up at 5 AM, which is what time Grandma normally lets her out, so Daddy took us all out for a potty. Then we went back to jail for a few hours. Then Mommy got us up and gave us breakfast.

So far today, we've all been good dogs and no one has had a fight. Except Dali and Scout might have one pretty soon. And Dali has never seen a cat, I guess, so she and Murphy might have a fight later. Dali should watch out for Murphy because he is one tough fighter.

We're all going to chew on some toys for a while and then go outside and run around like wild animals.


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