Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Playing puppy school

We like to play Wrestlemania with Murphy.

It's another hot day today so Mommy played puppy school inside the house with me and Scout and Murphy. Here's how you play puppy school.

First, you get a good treat that puppies will love. We had hard boiled eggs today. But sometimes we play with hot dogs.

Then you make your puppies go into the kitchen and you tell them, Sit!

Then you tell them, Stay!

Then you walk into the living room and wait a few seconds and say, Come here puppies!

And when the puppies come running and sit at your feet, you give them some egg treat.

Today even Murphy played puppy school. He sat in the kitchen like a statue dog with me and Scout, and when Mommy called Come! all three of us raced to the living room for a treat.

Puppy school is a good game to play in the house when it is very hot outside. And when you're done, you can go eat another good book or play Wrestlemania and then take a nap.


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1 comment:

nana said...

Hi Bandit, I was just watching on the news, a whole lot of puppies playing in Allens Creek. Looked like they were having a ball except the water was very muddy. Probably wouldn't bother you much.