Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bandit passes his therapy dog test

Guess what? I passed my test today! Now I am a therapy dog, just like my big brother Scout.

The test was a little different than I expected. There were a lot of new people at my classroom, not just me and Annie from our class. And Mommy had to fill out a bazillion papers and there was a lot of stuff for me to smell. So I was very curious and nosy.

But I really liked the lady who did the test. Her name was Joan. In practice, I was calm and looked at Mommy all the time. In the test, I was calm, but I liked listening to Joan a lot, too. And when she came over to pet me, I got up and gave her a monster snuggle.

Which I probably was not supposed to do. It's a good thing my fur was nice and soft from my bath because I think she liked it when I rubbed on her legs like a cat.

Anyway, someone had some very smelly biscuits that they left next to my testing spot, so I was very focused on those when we did the sit, stay, come part of the test. Mommy was nervous that when she called me I would go for the biscuits instead of her, because I was pretty much ignoring her. But nope. When she called my name, I ran right to my mommy.

I'm no dummy. Mommy always has the best treats.

There was one part of the test Mommy was afraid I would fail. Joan took a biscuit and waved it under my nose and said, Bandit I have a cookie. Do you see the cookie? And then she threw the cookie and I had to walk by and not eat it.

I'll bet you think I ate the cookie, don't you?

Well,  you are wrong! Because I walked right by it!

So I passed my test and everyone clapped and Kathy gave me a big biscuit and me and Mommy went to the pet store on the way home to get cat food and my friends there gave me a biscuit, too. Then we went home and took a nap.


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nancy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I know that leaving those biscuits alone was very hard for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bandit, I've been missing your blog for two days now. I hope you are all feeling well. A Belated Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad on the third. Love Nana

Nana said...

I said I didn't know how to do this, so I hope you get it.

Bandit said...

Hi Nancy! Yup, it was the hardest part of the test. But I did it. Sometimes I am a good boy.

Hi Nana! I'm sorry you missed us. We've been lazy over here. But I'll do a new post today!