Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bandit gets ready for his therapy dog test

Well, tomorrow is my big day. I am taking the therapy dog test.

When you take the therapy dog test it means you have to look spiffy, so Mommy yanked out some fur with the brush and I heard her tell Daddy that I have to get a bath before bed tonight so I am clean in the morning.

HA! You can give me a bath any time you want, Mommy. I can find dirt 24 hours a day.

But I will try to stay clean and be ready for my test. I have been practicing for six weeks so I think I'm ready. Scout already took the test and he passed, and he's a big dog with a job now. I'm ready to be a big dog, too.

I heard the teacher Kathy say there were going to be brownies for the dogs' people while they wait outside the ring for their turn to take the test. And we dogs are not allowed to eat that stuff at all, which will be difficult because if a brownie accidentally jumps into my mouth, I fail the test. So not only do the dogs have to behave, so do the baked goods.

I'll let you know how the test goes. It's going to be a surprise for us all.


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