Sunday, July 25, 2010

I visit Grandma and am a bad boy

On Friday, me and Mommy stopped over at Grandma's house on our way to therapy dog class so Mommy could get her shoes from Cassie because Mommy was going to a wedding the next day.

This is how the visit went.

First, I ran into the house and stuffed my mouth full of food from Dali's dish. Mommy pulled me away and while she picked up Dali's dish, I went and opened the new bag of dog food and started scarfing down that food. Grandma got up from her dinner at the table to get my head out of that bag, and while she was closing it, I ate the rest of the food in the old dog food bag. Dali followed behind me the whole time telling me what to eat next.

It took about four seconds to do all that.

We did not eat Grandma's dinner off the table. I thought about it but Grandma got to it before I could try. She was eating fish and french fries, and you know how much I love french fries.

Grandma said, Dammit Bandit, you cannot ever come to stay overnight at my house.

While she was saying that, I was in her living room. I lifted my leg on her table and Dali took a big pee on the floor.

Mommy put me and Dali outside on long leashes and Dali ran around and around me and got my legs all tangled up like she was at a rodeo. Mommy came out and saved me just when Dali was making her last pass to pull the leash tight and hang me in the tree.

I can't help it. Grandma has a bunch of good stuff to eat at her house and I don't get to see Dali too much. We have good times together.

Me and Scout have never slept over at Grandma's house, but Mommy and Daddy's old dog Natasha used to go to Grandma's all the time to sleep over. We heard all the stories about what a good dog Natasha was before she went to heaven to chase sheep on God's farm.

I'm sorry, Grandma. I'll try harder next time I come over not to be so bad. But you shouldn't get your hopes up.


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Bocci said...

Ha! We laughed our heads off! Bandit, you probably could be a bit more respectful of Grandma's house :-)

Your buddy,

P.S. I hope you get to go back!

Judy said...

bandit and scout can come to grandmas house anytime i just have to be quicker then the dog love gram

Bandit said...

Grandma's house is the best place to go and be bad because she still loves you even if when you are naughty. Plus, she has a BIG yard with lot of grass. And we get to play with Dali.

Grandma is the best.