Sunday, July 11, 2010

We got a new pool!

Mommy and Daddy went out this morning and when they came home they had a present for me and Scout - a new pool!

First I scratched around to see if the old pool was underneath. Then I just looked at it and barked a little and chewed on the sides. Then I found the old pool by the garbage and got in it, but it didn't have any water.

So I decided to try the new pool. It's a big pool. I can lie down in the water and put my whole head underwater. It's great. Me and Scout can get in at the same time, too.

Mommy kept trying to take a video of me swimming underwater and Scout splashing around but we wouldn't do it while she had the camera. Us celebrity dogs need some time away from the puparazzi, you know.

Thanks for the new pool, Mommy and Daddy!

Bandit (and Scout)

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tweetypie said...

Oh dats great U got new pool , I luv my pool 4 dis heat is very bad! Hav fun pals xxx

Bandit said...

We should have a pool party and invite all of our friends! That would be fun. Except our cousin Dali always pees in the pool.

Your pal,