Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nana invites us to be bad at her house!

Yesterday Mommy got a phone call from Daddy's mommy. Her name is Nana, and guess what? She said me and Scout can come over and play at her house!

Mommy said that we are sometimes bad dogs (mostly me) but Nana said that was OK. She said her dog Lily would have some fun with us.

Scout was at Nana's once before. He was there for his first Christmas. Uncle Artie's giant dog named Otis was there, too.

Scout and Otis at Nana and Grandpa Art's house, Christmas 2006

Scout and Otis romped around the house, and Scout ran away for a while in Nana's yard, and then Otis did a giant pee in Nana's kitchen and Scout barfed up a piece of tree bark and a big tree leaf. And then they both went to sleep.

Nana's house sounds like a lot of fun!


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