Saturday, July 31, 2010

You can buy a monkey for eleventeen cents

So guess what? I found out today that you CAN buy a monkey for eleventeen cents!

The monkey only costs that much because it has "adult assembly required". That means he doesn't come with the bones and breath and brains and guts. You have to add that yourself.

But Grandma didn't care. She said she was going to puff up the monkey with just air and hang him in the tree in her front yard. So I don't think this monkey will be able to wash Grandma's dishes or mow her lawn or refill her wine glass. Not without bones and a brain and guts. If you only have air, you can only hang around looking funny. Which is something monkeys definitely know how to do.

The monkey also can only live at a house with people more than three years old. So he can't live with me because I am only one year plus seven months. But Grandma turned fortyleventeen years old today, so she's old enough to own a monkey with do it yourself breaths and guts

Mommy gave Grandma the monkey when they went to lunch at Schallers without me and Scout and Dali. Boo on that. We like to go to eat lunch with Daddy.

But I got to buy Grandma a monkey for her birthday after all. I'll bet that was the best part of her birthday. Even better than french fries.


PS This also means that I do not have to be good all day since I was able to buy Grandma a monkey present. So watch out! I've got a whole day to catch up on! HAHAHA!

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