Monday, July 19, 2010

Going for a walk in the cemetery

Today Mommy took me and Scout for a walk in the cemetery.

Just in case you didn't know, the cemetery is the place where people who died are sleeping until Jesus comes back to get them.

When you go for a walk in the cemetery, you have to be a quiet dog. You shouldn't bark because you are supposed to be respectful of the people who are sleeping and their families who are visiting them and talking to them, even though they can't hear anything.

But you can run around and sniff everything! There is a lot to sniff at the cemetery. There are other dog smells and people smells and way lots of flower smells. There are also giant rocks all over the cemetery and on each rock is the name of person who is sleeping underneath, so that when Jesus comes he can find everyone he is looking for super fast.

You are not supposed to go potty on the rocks with names. Mommy says that is disrespectful. But you can potty on all of the trees and signposts. And you can poop anywhere you want, but only if you have a responsible Mommy who will pick all of the poop up and put it in a garbage can.

We went to visit Mommy's friend John who is asleep in the cemetery under a rock. It took us a while to find him; we walked by him a bunch of times and didn't even see his rock. But I'm sure he didn't mind. He was probably glad to know some puppies were visiting!

Anyway, the cemetery is a great place to go for a walk.


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