Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guess what? Scout used to be a bad dog, too!

This is my brother Scout. He's a very good dog. But he used to be a bad dog, too!

I found a notebook that Mommy used to write in when Scout was a puppy. She wrote a lot of stuff in there about how much she loved Scout and how happy he made her.

And she also wrote all the bad stuff he did!

Hahahaha! Scout used to be a bad dog, too!

Here are some of the things that Scout ate or tore apart when he was a puppy:

oven mitts
lots of shoes, mostly Cassie's shoes
cat toys
computer paper, envelopes
newspapers and magazines
pine needles
tree bark
dryer sheets
a DVD and its case
a VHS cassette
Daddy's Cabela's cataloges
dog toys
walnut shells
shredded mylar gift basket filling
stuff from the garbage, like used tea bags, coffee grounds and celery
cardboard wrapping paper tubes
an answering machine
a computer cord
part of a bottle of wine
a 2 litre bottle of Diet Coke that he shook up and then opened and sprayed all over the kitchen
a red apple Christmas ornament that he ate and then barfed up
plus, when he was locked in the kitchen once while Mommy was away, he chewed a big hole right in the wooden door!

Hey, he did all the same stuff I do! You know that me and Scout are actually related so I guess it just runs in our family. But it makes me feel better, because Scout is the good dog now and maybe someday I'll be a good dog, too!


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